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Suspended Net Shotcrete

The method of spraying or spraying concrete covers has been widely used. But for the slope of plastic rock (soft rock, soil). Due to the brittleness of the shotcreting shell, its deformation characteristics are inconsistent with the plastic rock covered by it, often causing the shotcreting shell to peel off. In order to improve the plasticity and strength of the shotcreting shell, a steel wire mesh is laid on the slope before shotcreting, and then sprayed to form a spray net shell, and can withstand a small amount of side pressure generated by the broken body during construction. A drainage hole should be left on the slope, otherwise it may block the groundwater and affect the stability of the slope.

Most of the rock slopes that are protected by the use of anchors for hanging nets have severe weathering and broken rock formation, incomplete development of joints, and thicker rock layers. If this type of rock slope continues to be exposed to weathering, it will result in falling rocks or small collapses that will affect the stability of the entire slope. Hanging mesh spray anchor protection has higher strength and better crack resistance, which can make the broken rock layer in a certain depth on the slope surface be strengthened, and make it become a whole under the joint action of anchor rod, steel mesh and shotcrete. And can withstand the side pressure generated by a small number of broken bodies.

The construction procedures for the sprayed anchor net support are: erection of scaffolding → renovation of slopes → preparation of drainage holes for installation → first injection of concrete → drilling of bolts, grouting → production of steel mesh, hanging net → second shot of concrete → Conservation → Remove scaffolding.

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